Things to Do

Come on and find your holiday rhythm

We’re the island of happy days, vivid nights and dreams that come true. Paradise in Jamaica can be whatever you want it to be – lose yourself in the adventure and take it all in. Get back to nature in the magic of our rainforests, which seem to be as alive as any of the tropical animals that live there. Take your loved ones to hike the Blue Mountains and look at the world through new eyes. Meet our friendly people, try our food and watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea to the sound of slow reggae rhythms and good times. Join us, in the Home of All Right.

Get out there

Come alive and discover the island

From hiking to the misty Blue Mountain tops, to horseback riding on the beach and warm river swims, explore our Jamaica the way you want to and find its spirit.

Jamaica’s best beaches

Soak up the sun, sand and spirit of Jamaica

From long sandy stretches to crystal clear water and secret coves, our beaches are where you start your holiday and make memories to last a lifetime.


Come play on championship courses with an ocean view

It’s not like us to brag, but our 12 golf courses are special. Practice your swing, caddy up for a full 18 or sit back and relax on the 19th. There’s a course for every player.


Move to the beat of Jamaica

When the sun goes down, Jamaica comes alive. With reggae beats, live music and dancing on the beach ‘til dawn, join us in swaying to the rhythm.

Explore the Jamaican beauty

Come and be one with nature

Miles of untouched coastline, cascading waterfalls and natural mineral baths make Jamaica the magical place it is. Enjoy it with us.


Take a bit of All Right home with you

It’s true what they say. Jamaica has its own style. Find it at marketplaces, malls and stalls so that even when you return to reality, a bit of the island can live on with you.


Come and see all the things we love about Jamaica

Let us proudly show you around our home. From our coffee factories rich with the scent of Arabica beans to rum distilleries and rainforest drives – see Jamaica through our eyes.

Five-star tastes

Get your taste of the island

From fusion food to haute cuisine, regional favorites, and some very special unique dishes, let us give you a taste of our Jamaica, in true island style.

The spices of the island

Jamaica’s traditional specialties made with heart

From goat curry to fried dumplings, jerk and ackee and salt fish, enjoy the flavors of Jamaica. If you’re brave enough, try some of our more exotic dishes.

Our local liquid

Try a crafted glass of ice cold ‘Liquid Gold’

It’s been said that our Jamaican rum is reason enough to visit the island. Taste, savor and enjoy what seafaring men have known for centuries now.

Seafood from the island

Delicious sea harvest, served island style

Home of fresh seafood. With piles of crisp, spiced shrimp, succulent crab, huge scallops and tender white fillets, it’s impossible to leave the island dissatisfied.

Outings for everyone

Head out with the whole family and make a day of it

Our naturally charming and beautiful island makes Jamaica the kind of place your whole family will enjoy – from lazy days by the lagoon to picnics on the beach. Explore your options below.

Family-friendly accommodations

Our home is your home. Our island is your island

We welcome families here on the island – we promise to take good care of you! Feel at home in our friendly resorts where we’ll give you all the advice, service and entertainment to make your family holiday special.

Tours for everyone

Plenty of adventures to keep the whole family smiling

From beach clubs and theme parks to fascinating island tours and shopping sprees through traditional marketplaces, Jamaica has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. See who wants to do what, below.

Art on the island

See the world through the eyes of our artists

Like everything else about us, we have our own unique art styles. Our rich history and influences have blended together to inspire remarkable visual art that is among the best the Caribbean has to offer. See below.

Festivals on the island

Get into the spirit and let loose together

When you have like-minded folks in one place, at one time, listening, tasting and sharing a love of something, you truly get that feeling of All Right. Join us for one of our special get-togethers and celebrate the good times.

What makes us, us

Come and see where it all began

From Columbus’ discovery of Jamaica to the history of Falmouth and Ian Fleming’s James Bond stories, immerse yourself in what makes us who we are today.

Find your musical soul

Move to the different beats of our Jamaica

Music is the heartbeat of Jamaica. There’s no beat we don’t move to and no tune that doesn’t make us groove. Discover our trademark reggae, jam to the island beat or just let loose to your own rhythm.

Spring Break on the island

A vacation you and your friends will never forget

It’s the end of the line, the big break, what you have been waiting for; it’s Spring Break. And what better way to start the rest of your lives, than on the island of All Right with your best friends? Spend your days of freedom cruising the harbour, soaking up the sun, meeting new people and dancing all night long to the reggae beats of Jamaica.

Tours of the island

Come and see all the things we love about Jamaica

Let us proudly show you around our home. From coffee factories rich with the scent of Arabica beans to rum distilleries and rainforest drives – see Jamaica through our eyes.